TYFON’S DOOM: From speed metal to hard rock

Tyfon's DoomAs I have mentioned several times already, one of the main intentions with Metal Squadron from the very beginning, was to present some new and interesting bands. Even though there is space also for the bigger, established acts, the demo bands will always be a vital part of this webzine. At the moment, it seems like Finland is one of the places to be, as finally there are some pretty good acts coming through. One of these is Tyfon’s Doom, a one man project who just put out their second recording “Yeth Hound”.  Continue reading

HORACLE: A kind of magic

Promo Shoot

Most of the time I try to help the bands by having the interview published when their new album is released, but when it comes to Belgium’s Horacle, things turned out a bit differently. An agreement to do this piece was in place several months ago, but I really struggled to find the time to finish my questions. Luckily, everything came together in the end, and singer Terry Fire as well as bass player L. Sabathan did a pretty good job by answering my questions.  Continue reading

RAM: Back From The Dead


I had a long chat with RAMs singer Oscar Carlquist around the release of “Death”, back in early 2012. One year later, RAM was on a hiatus and the future of the band was in doubt. After some serious thinking, the members decided to continue, and the new album “Svbversvm”, out through Metal Blade at the end of October, is the result of what the Swedes have been up to since. Oscar is once again the one picking up the phone when I call to get all the necessary info about what seems like a turbulent period in the history of the band. Continue reading

LUNAR SHADOW: Shadows are spreading

Lunar Shadow

While things are on the rise again now when we’re closing in on the autumn, this summer was pretty quiet when it came to new and interesting releases. One band that caught my attention was the German newcomer Lunar Shadows who put out a promising EP all on their own. A couple of spins was enough for me, the pure metal sound was right up my alley. I didn’ t hesitate and contacted the band’s main man Max “Savage” Birbaum who acted very professionally and put a lot of effort into answering my questions.

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ZODIAC: No bullshit heavy metal

IMG_2378A few of you have probably noticed the stream of the excellent new EP “Stone Command” by Zodiac, the heavy/doom metal outfit from Brisbane, Australia. If you haven’t checked out those three tracks yet, go here and listen to them straight away. The EP is also just released on tape by the ever reliable Heavy Chains, if you prefer to have it on some kind of physical format.  I guess there are more people than me who don’t know a lot about this promising act, so I hooked up with a couple of the members, mainly guitarist Leo, but singer Ben also popped in with a few answer, to learn about the past, present and future in the Zodiac-camp.

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2014 REVIEW: From the outside looking in

leifkringen_skallelogo_trådkorsversjon_litenSo, yet another year has passed, and it’s time to look back and reflect on what was. In this first of two parts where I look back at 2014, I will focus on Metal Squadron. Part 2 will dwell around the year in metal, with of course, my top 15 list for the year that is soon coming to an end. Continue reading

UNDERGROUND: Slovenian metal


Ever since I heard the demo from Slovenia’s Underground, I wanted to do an interview with the band. In a year were many of the most impressive releases have come from demo acts, the guys managed to stand out with their honest and straight in you face heavy metal-apporach. Continue reading

RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH: From the kennel to the castle


I’ve always found it very interesting trying to cover the acts that not many apart from maybe the inner circle of fans in their hometown know a lot about. I guess Rabid Bitch Of The North from Belfast in Northern-Ireland fits this description. The band has just issued a three track tape through Sarlacc, and fortunately, guitarist Gerry Mulholland put a lot of effort into answering my questions, making this the in depth feature I wanted it to be. Continue reading

COBRA: Venomous heavy metal


Good timing or bad timing? I am not really sure, but the fact is that the day after I put the finishing touches to this interview, the news that Cobra had secured a deal with the quality label Ván Records, reached me. Of course I am happy for the band, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to discuss what must be a big triumph and maybe also a huge surprise for the Peruvian quintet. Continue reading


1. NOCTURNAL ”Storming Evil” (High Roller)NOCTURNALStormingEvilCoverS

– The first thrash highlight of 2014. Catchy as only the Germans can be!

2. COBRA “To Hell” (Austral Holocaust)

– Cool, old school heavy metal with some hard rock thrown in and the usual Southern American charm. Continue reading

CRUSADER: Not only about war

Crusader, picture1Just like the recently covered Blade Killer, Chicago’s own Crusader is a relatively new heavy metal-band that has been given the chance to spread their music in physical format through one of the most hyperactive labels out there, Stormspell Records. While Blade Killer just put out their first EP, Crusader released theirs a couple of years ago. Right now, they’re ready to unleash their debut full length on the heavy metal audience. Continue reading