1. NOCTURNAL ”Storming Evil” (High Roller)NOCTURNALStormingEvilCoverS

– The first thrash highlight of 2014. Catchy as only the Germans can be!

2. COBRA “To Hell” (Austral Holocaust)

– Cool, old school heavy metal with some hard rock thrown in and the usual Southern American charm.

3. METAL INQUISITOR “Ultima Ratio Regis” (Massacre)

– “Doomsday For The Heretic” is hard to match, but this is still an enjoyable album in the vein of “Unconditional Absolution”

4. SLOUGH FEG “Digital Resistance” (Metal Blade)

–  Can’t stop playing this one, maybe top three among their releases.

5. RAVENSIRE/TERMINUS “Split” (Underground Power)

– A different mix of the best song from the Ravensire-album and a killer new song by Terminus.

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