TERMINUS: Not shouting for attention


With “The Reaper’s Spiral”, one of the strongest albums released in 2015, Terminus debuted with a bang. Packed with powerful epic metal, the album surprised a lot of people. In the wake of the album’s release, the band also built a reputation as a convincing live act, but something wasn’t quite right, and in October 2017, the news broke that the band had quit performing live. Continue reading

TERMINUS: Substance over hype


As most of the regular readers have  probably noticed by now, I was offered the chance to stream one of the very best metal albums released this year here at Metal Squadron. The album in question is of course “The Reaper’s Spiral”, from Terminus, soon to be released on CD by Stormspell and on vinyl and tape format by Horror Records. Continue reading


1. NOCTURNAL ”Storming Evil” (High Roller)NOCTURNALStormingEvilCoverS

– The first thrash highlight of 2014. Catchy as only the Germans can be!

2. COBRA “To Hell” (Austral Holocaust)

– Cool, old school heavy metal with some hard rock thrown in and the usual Southern American charm. Continue reading