LUNAR SHADOW: “Heavy Metal bores me to death”

LunarShadow_1Metal Squadron was one of the very first medias to feature Lunar Shadow when the band put out the EP “Triumphator.  However, we never got around to do an interview  when «Far From Light» was released, so let’s start there. How do Max, guitarist and main man, view this album today, a couple of years after its release?

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LUNAR SHADOW: Shadows are spreading

Lunar Shadow

While things are on the rise again now when we’re closing in on the autumn, this summer was pretty quiet when it came to new and interesting releases. One band that caught my attention was the German newcomer Lunar Shadows who put out a promising EP all on their own. A couple of spins was enough for me, the pure metal sound was right up my alley. I didn’ t hesitate and contacted the band’s main man Max “Savage” Birbaum who acted very professionally and put a lot of effort into answering my questions.

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