Going To Brazil

Well, I guess the title can be viewed as a small homage to the late Lemmy Kilmister. I was never the most fanatic fan of the band, but as almost every metal fan do, I own a lot of their albums, and some of them I even consider to be real classics. And after all, a guy who devotes his life to the cause, like Lemmy did, deserves nothing but respect.

Apart from the title, this part of the review section has nothing to do with Lemmy, what you get here is a bunch of reviews of some Brazilian stuff.  These are all albums that were released during the last few years, some of them as way back as in 2011, and therefore dont fit in elsewhere on this page. Apologies go out to the bands that has had to wait, as I do all the writing on a hobby basis, and never expected such an amount of CDs sent my way.

The first reviews are coming very soon!