TAROT: Just a hard rock band


With their three excellent demo tapes, first released separately throughout 2014 and then collected onto “The Warrior’s Spell”, available both on CD and LP last year, Tarot is one of the most interesting acts to pop up during the last few years. Their strongly seventies influenced brand of hard rock, might not appeal to all the metal heads, but it seems like most of the people that show an interest in the band, end up loving the dreamy sounds of Tarot. Main man Will, also the guy behond Heavy Chains Records, have always been a supporter of Metal Squadron, and this extensive chat sums up what has happened with the band since the last feature we did back in August one and half years ago. The main focus of course, is the band’s brand new album, “Reflections”.  Continue reading

COBRA: Venomous heavy metal


Good timing or bad timing? I am not really sure, but the fact is that the day after I put the finishing touches to this interview, the news that Cobra had secured a deal with the quality label Ván Records, reached me. Of course I am happy for the band, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to discuss what must be a big triumph and maybe also a huge surprise for the Peruvian quintet. Continue reading