STARBLIND: Heavy fucking metal to the world


Of course it makes sense for the independent metal labels to release more than one album at a time. Stormspell is putting out a lot of releases at the moment, and as usual we’re talking about some old stuff being rereleased, but also a few debut albums by up and coming acts. Starblind from Stockholm in Sweden, belongs to the latter category, and the band members all gathered to answer my questions. Continue reading

BLADE KILLER: No reason to dwell

Blade killerIt certainly doesn’t seem that it will end soon, the stream of new US bands heavily influenced by the NWOBHM. In many cases we are talking about musicians with a background from other genres of metal who now wants to try their luck at replicating or creating something similar to the wave that washed through Great Britain more than thirty years ago. Continue reading


Night1As stated countless times already, one of the intentions behind this webzine, is to bring you some interviews with up and coming acts. NIGHT from Linköping in Sweden has only released a single so far, containing two songs that I found promising, but not groundbreaking by any means. However, as Rome wasn’t built in a day, new bands deserve a couple of more opportunities before we slam the metal axe down on them. Continue reading


Alloy 20 by Rudy ChildsSince the band decided it was apropiate to include more or less all members, this edition of Short As Hell turned out to be a little longer than usual. Jeff (vocals), Billy (drums), both metal veterans with experience from cult acts like Omega Point and Tension, team up with guitarists Michael and Sean as well as bass player John to answer my questions.  First of all, when was ALLOY 20 formed? Have you had the same lineup all the way, or have you changed members? Continue reading