Best of 2016


Before we get to the actual album-list, acts like Agatus, Desaster,  Destroyer 666, Hellbringer, Lethal Steel, Moros Nyx, Sacred Steel, Savage Master, Seven Sisters, Sin Starlett, Spiritus Mortis and Tarot all deserve a mention for releasing albums worth owning. Now to the ten best full length albums released in 2016…


Number 10:

Dexter Ward “Rendezvous With Destiny” (No Remorse)dexter

From my review of the album:

“With the catchy and extremely easy to like title track, the album gets off to a solid start.  The following “Stone Age Warrior”, taking on a heavier and more epic approach, is the best song on offer here, an opinion that seems to be shared by many who have heard the album. A real hymn! The third track is “These Metal Wings” where a Jag Panzer-like chorus is paired with some Iron Maiden-like guitar work, and the end result is another hymn.”

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Number  9:

Attacker “Sins Of The World” (Metal on Metal)attacker-sins-of-the-world-2016

Pure heavy metal with strong songwriting and a powerful production. Full review coming soon!


Number 8:

Destroyer 666 “Wildfire” (Season Of Mist)destroyer666

Thrash, black and heavy  mixed together. Epic, yet still very catchy.



Number 7:

Wytch Hazel “Prelude” (Bad Omen)WH Frontlo

From my review of the album:

“I simply love the warmth of Colins voice and all the delicious guitar harmonies scattered around on the album. If you need proof, just listen to “More Than Conquerors”, a beautiful and mesmerizing tune that got me completely hooked from the first spin. In fact, it’s probably the song I have listened most to the last few months.”

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Number 6:

Stone Magnum “Holy Blessings To None” (RIP)Stone Magnum-cover

From my review of the album:

Overall, Stone Magnum has something that many doom metal-based acts severly lack. The songs are very catchy, with strong choruses, memorable riffs and vocal lines. “Holy Blessings To None” is simply put a great album from a band that has proved now, that they without doubt should be a lot bigger than they actually are.”

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Number 5:

Dark Forest “Beyond The Veil” (Cruz Del Sur)DarkForest-Cover

From my review of the album:

“In a year that has been a bit underwhelming when it comes to new releases, “Beyond The Veil” is a bright, shining light and clearly one of the strongest offerings put out by a heavy metal band. It takes a great band to create such grand and majestic compositions without turning cheesy.”

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Number 4:

Ravensire “The Cycle Never Ends” (Cruz Del Sur)Ravensire-Cover

From my review of the album:

“Ravensire deliver powerful and timeless heavy metal that manages to hold the listener in an iron grip from the very first to the last note.  You’ll get riffs so crushingly heavy you need to kneel in front of you speakers and at the same time leads so beautiful you will be lost for words.”

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Number 3:

Fates Warning “Theories Of Flight” (Insideout)Fates_Warning_-_Theories_of_Flight

From my review of the album:

“This is, simply put, a brilliant, modern progressive metal album, rich on melodies, emotions and well crafted songs performed by excellent musicians. “Theories Of Flight” is clearly an album that deserves something more than just being consumed, you need to listen and digest to get the best out of this piece of work. An album that will stand the test of time!”

Number 2:

Demon Bitch “Hellfriends” (Skol/High Roller)demonbitch_hellfriends

From my review of the album:

“The performance might not be tightest you have heard this year,  but what the hell, it has a lot of charm, and you can really hear the guys having fun and enjoying themselves when they recorded the album. It’s certainly not an album for everyone, but my readers, and everyone else with a bit of experience from underground and under produced eighties heavy should find a lot of joy in this album.”

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Number 1:

Eternal Champion “The Armor Of Ire” (No Remorse)cover

From my review of the album:

“The first track “I Am The Hammer” has some Jon Oliva-like shrieks at the start, and soon turns into a monster of a midtempo…eh…hammer with some damn heavy riffs. The title track I loved straight away too, it’s a lot more melodic, nowhere near as dark and heavy as the opener, it even has some tasteful synth incorporated, but with awesome melodies going on throughout the song. These two tracks are both among the very best heavy metal numbers released in 2017, no doubt about it”.

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