TAROT: Just a hard rock band


With their three excellent demo tapes, first released separately throughout 2014 and then collected onto “The Warrior’s Spell”, available both on CD and LP last year, Tarot is one of the most interesting acts to pop up during the last few years. Their strongly seventies influenced brand of hard rock, might not appeal to all the metal heads, but it seems like most of the people that show an interest in the band, end up loving the dreamy sounds of Tarot. Main man Will, also the guy behond Heavy Chains Records, have always been a supporter of Metal Squadron, and this extensive chat sums up what has happened with the band since the last feature we did back in August one and half years ago. The main focus of course, is the band’s brand new album, “Reflections”.  Continue reading

ZODIAC: No bullshit heavy metal

IMG_2378A few of you have probably noticed the stream of the excellent new EP “Stone Command” by Zodiac, the heavy/doom metal outfit from Brisbane, Australia. If you haven’t checked out those three tracks yet, go here and listen to them straight away. The EP is also just released on tape by the ever reliable Heavy Chains, if you prefer to have it on some kind of physical format.  I guess there are more people than me who don’t know a lot about this promising act, so I hooked up with a couple of the members, mainly guitarist Leo, but singer Ben also popped in with a few answer, to learn about the past, present and future in the Zodiac-camp.

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ZODIAC: Full EP streaming

zodaicHeavy Chains is one of my favorite  labels. Tarot, Dracula, Outcast and Eldorado are just some of the excellent acts associated with this label, but it doesn’t stop there. A few of you might be familiar with Australia’s Zodiac through their 2013 demo tape, but if not, this is your chance to get to know this Brisbane-based act. Will from Heavy Chains was kind enough to let me stream the band’s forthcoming EP. Check out these excellent songs  for yourself, and remember to grab a copy of the tape when it’s out.
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OUTCAST: “Good things come to those who wait”

outcastVery few releases this year, have blown me away like Outcast’s self titled did. For me, this EP, so far only released on tape, is one of the best releases of 2014, perhaps even the best one. I grabbed the phone to talk to the main man Chris Fong, currently living in Oslo, Norway, for what I believe is the first interview ever with one of the finest newcomers of 2014. Continue reading