In a time where the majority of new heavy metal-acts seem to rehash NWOBHM or mid eighties European metal, it’s refreshing to hear a band like Stereo Nasty. They might not be bringing anything new to the table either, but the mix of heavy metal with and powerful hard rock, is┬áso seldomly done┬áthese days that the promo the band sent me really stood out. I caught up guitarist Adrian Foley to get the full story on this promising Irish newcomer. Continue reading

RABID BITCH OF THE NORTH: From the kennel to the castle


I’ve always found it very interesting trying to cover the acts that not many apart from maybe the inner circle of fans in their hometown know a lot about. I guess Rabid Bitch Of The North from Belfast in Northern-Ireland fits this description. The band has just issued a three track tape through Sarlacc, and fortunately, guitarist Gerry Mulholland put a lot of effort into answering my questions, making this the in depth feature I wanted it to be. Continue reading