UNDERGROUND: Slovenian metal


Ever since I heard the demo from Slovenia’s Underground, I wanted to do an interview with the band. In a year were many of the most impressive releases have come from demo acts, the guys managed to stand out with their honest and straight in you face heavy metal-apporach. Continue reading

Playlist: Week 22

1. DARKEST ERA ”Severance” (Cruz Del Sur)darkest_era_-_severance__large

– Grey and melancholic with more identity than on the first one. Lots of atmosphere and some great melodies too. Interview coming up!

2. THE DAGGER “The Dagger” (Century Media)

– A huge surprise. Very seventies inspired from these (mainly) death metal musicians. Influences ranging from Black Sabbath, via Deep Purple to Judas Priest showing clearly in the material. Interview coming soon.

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