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This blog is dedicated to the memory of Eric Cook of Lethal who passed away on August 23rd. Rest In Peace, Eric.

Finally, here it is. My long overdue heavy metal blog. For the last 15 years I have been writing for Scream magazine, but as it looks now (April 2013), I will put all the energy and creativity I have invested in Scream into Metal Squadron.  While reluctant at first, I have decided to try to do some reviews.  The focus will be on quality before quantity both when it comes to interviews, features and reviews. I simply can’t do things halfhearted.  By the way, the name “Metal Squadron” is inspired by a song by the Japanese speed/heavy metal band Aiming High.

To those of you reading this, who don’t know me, my name is Leif. I earn my money working as a teacher, but I am also a journalist, having spent two years at Høgskolen i Stavanger, now The University Of Stavanger several years ago. I have been writing for Scream magazine since 1998, mostly covering the genres I love; heavy, speed, doom, thrash and power metal, and always with at least one eye on the underground. I like other genres as well, but there are (with a few exeptions) no place for those in this blog.

By the way, if you are wondering about the picture, it’s me, drowned in sweat on the left.  The other guy is Eric Cook from Lethal. Eric sadly passed away on the 23rd of August last year, and I want to dedicate this blog to him.

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jon_2020-01-11_1144 HiResWhen old bands reunite, and especially those who never advanced from the demo stage back then, it often ends with one album, fueled by a succesful festival apperance or something similar. Sweden’s Sorcerer has now delievered three albums since the band reformed, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop here. We have covered the band when they released both previous albums, “In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross”, and “The Crowning Of The Fire King”, and just like last time, singer Anders Engberg is the one faced with the task of answering our questions.  He seemed really proud of  “The Crowning Of The Fire King” when we spoke together last time, does he still have the same feelings about it? Continue reading

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