OUTCAST: “Good things come to those who wait”

outcastVery few releases this year, have blown me away like Outcast’s self titled did. For me, this EP, so far only released on tape, is one of the best releases of 2014, perhaps even the best one. I grabbed the phone to talk to the main man Chris Fong, currently living in Oslo, Norway, for what I believe is the first interview ever with one of the finest newcomers of 2014. Continue reading


1. CROSS VAULT “Spectres of Revocable Loss” (Eyes Like Snow)1601090_1459726670915929_489707947_n

– Huge, slow, melodic and crushing doom metal in the vein of Warning.

2. RANGER “Shock Skull” (Full Contact)

– New 7″ from one of the best  speed metal bands of today, both on stage and on record. Believe they performed both songs at KIT. Continue reading