1. OUTCAST “Outcast” (Heavy Chains)outcast - cover

– Working man’s heavy metal with a punk undertone. Great!

2. SOLITARY SABRED ”Redemption Through Force”(Self released)

– A huge step forward from the last album. Very good epic metal.

3. TAROT “Life And Death” + “Dying Daze” (Heavy Chains)

– Can’t stop playing these. Timeless stuff!

4. CHALICE “Demo Anthology: Live & Rare” (Stormspell)

– Some of the bonus songs will not be played that often, but the “One Final Sin”-demo: Holy shit!

5. ORDAINED FATE “Demo Anthology” (Stormspell)

– Heavy and raw with impressive female vocals

2 thoughts on “PLAYLIST: Week 35

  1. I thought the same thing when I heard that Chalice demo. So damn good. Also hope those Tarot demos get a cd release some day.

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