ZODIAC: Full EP streaming

zodaicHeavy Chains is one of my favorite  labels. Tarot, Dracula, Outcast and Eldorado are just some of the excellent acts associated with this label, but it doesn’t stop there. A few of you might be familiar with Australia’s Zodiac through their 2013 demo tape, but if not, this is your chance to get to know this Brisbane-based act. Will from Heavy Chains was kind enough to let me stream the band’s forthcoming EP. Check out these excellent songs  for yourself, and remember to grab a copy of the tape when it’s out.
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1. Stone Magnum ”From Time…To Eternity” (RIP)STONE-MAGNUM-From-Time___To-Eternity-cover-art

– Solid songwriting, heavy riffs and a extremely good singer make a great doom metal-album. Great to see the RIP-logo as well. Love those old October 31 and Skullview-releases.

2. Hürlement “Terreur Et Torment” (Emanes Metal)

– Sold out when I wanted to buy it on CD at KIT, forgot about it until it was released on vinyl recently. I have a soft spot for pure HM sung in French!

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DEVIL: Good melodies in a vintage production

devil-photoWell, what has come of this site? It’s all about the darker side of life at the moment. Some weeks ago I announced a pretty extensive Satan-feature is upcoming, and then Stian from a certain quintet of Norwegian doom rockers willingly responded to my questions in an attempt to catch up with the DEVIL after the release of the band’s second album, “Gather The Sinners”. An album that represents an improvement on their already more than decent debut. Enjoy this long interview! Continue reading