STEELWING: A fresh start


After a flying start with the debut album ”Lord Of The Wasteland” and a chance to perform at Keep It True in 2010, things looked really bright for Steelwing. Unfortunately, the follow up, “Zone Of Alienation” wasn’t as strong, and things seemed  slow down a bit for the young Swedes.  I hooked up with guitarist Alex Vega, and ask him if he feels things took off a bit too fast with the debut… Continue reading

STARBLIND: Heavy fucking metal to the world


Of course it makes sense for the independent metal labels to release more than one album at a time. Stormspell is putting out a lot of releases at the moment, and as usual we’re talking about some old stuff being rereleased, but also a few debut albums by up and coming acts. Starblind from Stockholm in Sweden, belongs to the latter category, and the band members all gathered to answer my questions. Continue reading