I hooked up with RULER-singer Daniele to get the essential details about the band and their impressive debut “Evil Nightmares”. First, it seems like nearly all Italian bands that play metal inspired by eighties are signed by My Graveyard Records. How important is this label for the Italian scene?

– Well, Giuliano from My Graveyard Productions is the real mastermind of Italian heavy metal! It’s not just important, it’s vital for our “metal scene”; without his constant support, his passion and his work nobody would be here.

I like bands like Asgard, Axevyper and Hyborian Steel quite a lot. Which are your favourite  bands on the label?

 Personally speaking I love Walpurgis Night, Axevyper and Asgard; great bands and great guys!

Ruler was formed back in 2010. How did this happen? Did the musicians know each other from before or did you meet for the first time back then?

– RULER, as a band, came from an idea of Paolo and Mattia. I knew Paolo and Mattia in 2009, I don’t remember where exactly, therefore I met Rosario in a train station; we started to talk about heavy metal and I asked him if he wanted to join our band.. and TADAN! The RULERS’s legacy started there!

Did you record any demos or material before the release of “Evil Nightmares”?

– Nope! In the very beginning we tried to record a demo without any luck, then Giuliano called us..

Just two years after you formed the band, the first album is out. How have you managed to do write all the material and record the album so fast?

Well it was kinda hard, ahaha.Mattia wrote all the stuff in no-time; he’s a real genius. Our writing “procedure” starts when Mattia brings his riffs (or even a complete song) to the rehearsal room and then we build up, around his ideas, the final song!

 It seems as like you’re both influenced by US metal and NWOBHM. A song like “Highway Blues” is pure NWOBHM while other songs, like “Sutjeska” are more epic and US metal-sounding… Are these two main inspirations for Ruler?

Sure, yes! You know, when we write our song we don’t think “Oh yes, this sounds like a US Metal song or something”, we just write what we feel!

Even if your main inspirations seem to be US metal and NWOBHM, would you also say that you are inspired by some Italian metal bands from the eighties as well?

– Hell yeah! We love Strana Officina, Vanexa, Sabotage, Death SS, Steel Crown, Fingernails, Nuclear Simphony, RAF, Bulldozer and others I forgot to mention!

You (Daniele) are mentioning both Soviet Union and DDR in your thanks list. Is it a “thanks” to the political systems in these countries, or is there another reason why you mention them in your list?

 – Well, one of my passion is history; expecially last century’s one, I really enjoy when I watch a movie, a documentary or read a book about that. My thank list is kinda related to this passion.  I mentioned both Soviet Union and DDR just ’cause I like the basic idea of these two systems. I’ll be branded as a commie for sure but I don’t care ahaha.

RULER look and sound like a band from the eighties, and you also have a logo and t-shirts which look very much like something made in the eighties. Is the band more or less a tribute to the heavy metal of this decade?

– No, it’s not just a tribute. It’s a product of what we feel and what we live; we live for Heavy Metal 24/7! Our clothes are the same in “normal” life, our spirit and our ardour are the same up and the down the stage. We’re fascinated with ’80s heavy metal, ok, but it’s not “aping”. We play this way ’cause we’re made this way!

A couple of the lyrics are typical metal cliché lyrics like “We Rule The Night” and “Highway Blues”, while there are also two lyrics about war (“Mayday” and Sutjeska”). The lyrics about war must be more challenging to write? What kind of lyrics do you prefer?

– As I said I’m really into History. So I feel amused when I write about history or war!

How many concerts have you done so far? How many people usually come to your shows? Do you play any cover songs, or only your own material?  I know Oliver from the Keep It True-festival is a fan of your album. I guess we will see RULER performing on the festival sooner or later?

– Our first gig was in May 2011, we’ve done about 30/40 gigs so far; can’t remember exactly. Well, we have a considerable “Circle of fan” here! I can’t count how many they are but they’re enough.. for now. Ahahah. We play one or two covers, depending on the time, per concert. Our fan’s favorite cover is for sure “Rock You To Hell” by Grim Reaper. They always scream out: “Yo! Play Grim Reaper”. Ahaha is funny! It’s such a honour for us, really! We talked with Oliver at KIT and he’s heroic! Hahaha never say never! It’d be fantastic, playing in the best European Heavy Metal Festival?! I could die on stage ahaha!

I want to thank you Leif this opportunity and this interview! A big hail to all Norwegian maniacs!


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