TRIAL: An early highlight

trial-photo3When you listen to the band’s first demo and compare it to the new album, “Vessel” set to be released in January, it’s easy to hear that the band has improved massively over the course of four or five years. The band has a much stronger identity these days, and the songwriting is so improved that I sometimes have a hard time understanding we’re talking about the same band. Even though 2015 hasn’t started yet, I am pretty sure “Vessel” will end up in my top 15 when it’s time to make that list again in a year’s time.

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1. KENN NARDI “Dancing With The Past” (Tribunal)a2088355485_10

– 28(!) songs that sounds like a natural follow up to the last Anacrusis-album. Monumental and emotional.

2. TRIAL ”Vessel”(High Roller)

– A band that is still growing, still improving. Close to dark heavy metal perfection! Continue reading