LETHAL STEEL: Harsh and heavy


Just like they did last year, with Trial, High Roller is once again supplying us with one of the early highlights of the new year. This time the band in question is Lethal Steel, and the album is called “Legion Of The Night”. Even though the band has existed for something like five years now, this is the debut album from the Swedes. Metal Squadron spoke to guitarist Johan Frick to get all the background info on what is yet another very promising heavy metal act from Sweden. 

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1. KENN NARDI “Dancing With The Past” (Tribunal)a2088355485_10

– 28(!) songs that sounds like a natural follow up to the last Anacrusis-album. Monumental and emotional.

2. TRIAL ”Vessel”(High Roller)

– A band that is still growing, still improving. Close to dark heavy metal perfection! Continue reading