1. KENN NARDI “Dancing With The Past” (Tribunal)a2088355485_10

– 28(!) songs that sounds like a natural follow up to the last Anacrusis-album. Monumental and emotional.

2. TRIAL ”Vessel”(High Roller)

– A band that is still growing, still improving. Close to dark heavy metal perfection!

3. TAROT “The Watcher’s Dream” (Heavy Chains)

– Third demo from the band this year. All awesome! Might need a bit more time than the first two.

4. PRIMORDIAL “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” (Metal Blade)

– Not their best album, but still enjoyable and umistakably Primordial.

5. CONVENT GUILT “Guns For Hire” (Cruz Del Sur)

– Needed to revisit this slab of pure heavy metal on vinyl.

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