1. CROSS VAULT “Spectres of Revocable Loss” (Eyes Like Snow)1601090_1459726670915929_489707947_n

– Huge, slow, melodic and crushing doom metal in the vein of Warning.

2. RANGER “Shock Skull” (Full Contact)

– New 7″ from one of the best  speed metal bands of today, both on stage and on record. Believe they performed both songs at KIT. Continue reading

ARGUS: The full story


With their blend of seventies hard rock, heavy metal and doom metal, Argus out of Pennsylvanias in the US has established themselves as one of the finest new bands to grace the scene during the last five years.

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ALTAR OF OBLIVION: Past, present and future


Since releasing their demo “The Shadow Era” back in 2007, Altar Of Oblivion has managed two full length releases as well as an EP. So far, everything has had quality written all over, and there is no reason not to believe the band will be able to keep the high standard also in the future.   Continue reading

SINISTER REALM: No chorus, no song

Sinister Realm1I’ll prefer to start this feature by putting the cards on the table. It was Tim of Shadow Kingdom who suggested an article covering the whole career of the band and it was also he that established the contact with bass player, song writer, lyricist and founder John Gaffney which allowed me to do something different than just the usual feature focused on the latest release.  That being said, the bigger labels also work like this, often offering selected media to do special features about their artists. Continue reading