SOLSTICE: 20 years older


This interview was conducted quite some time ago, but along with a couple of others it was never published. My apologies go out to Solstice, and especially Paul Kearns who was very enthusiastic and entertaining, even though he was heading off at 6 o clock in the morning to work on the Primordial-tour, selling merchandise. Continue reading

CRYPT SERMON: Territory to be explored


So far, the highlight of 2015 when it comes to epic doom metal, surely belongs to Crypt Sermon. What this Philadelphia-based quintet has achieved on their first full length release, “Out Of The Garden”, is nothing but impressive. Metal Squadron got in conctact with guitarist Steve Jansson to get more information on the band and the new album. Continue reading

SORCERER: No longer a demo band


Sorcerer is a band whose name brings tears of sentimentality to many the eyes of many fans of underground doom metal from the late eighties and early nineties. The band released a couple of demo tapes that left its mark on the scene and has been kept alive by rereleases and new and upcoming acts namedropping the band. In 2010 the band reunited, with singer Anders Engberg and bass player Johnny Hagel on board to the Hammer Of Doom-festival in Germany. Continue reading

BELOW: Drinking Tea With The Devil


Below, from Nyköping in Sweden made securing a record deal look easy, as the band received an offer from Metal Blade after the band’s very first demo last year. I phoned bass player Andreas Hedman to talk about this, and of course the band’s debut album, “Across The Dark River”.  Continue reading

CROMLECH: The Face Of Canadian Heavy Metal

Cromlech-bildeCromlech out of Canada just released their first album through Italy’s My Graveyard Records. The band is far from the finished article yet, but the strong self confidence they seemingly possess as well as their desire to do things their own way, resulting in a quite original form of epic metal, are reasons good enough to warrant a feature here at Metal Squadron. The five guys gathered at band practice to answer my questions.  Continue reading

ALTAR OF OBLIVION: Past, present and future


Since releasing their demo “The Shadow Era” back in 2007, Altar Of Oblivion has managed two full length releases as well as an EP. So far, everything has had quality written all over, and there is no reason not to believe the band will be able to keep the high standard also in the future.   Continue reading