1. CROSS VAULT “Spectres of Revocable Loss” (Eyes Like Snow)1601090_1459726670915929_489707947_n

– Huge, slow, melodic and crushing doom metal in the vein of Warning.

2. RANGER “Shock Skull” (Full Contact)

– New 7″ from one of the best  speed metal bands of today, both on stage and on record. Believe they performed both songs at KIT.

3. JOHNNY TOUCH “Inner City Wolves” (Shadow Kingdom)

– Classic heavy metal from down under.

4. CAULDRON BORN “Sword And Sorcery Heavy Metal” (Iron On Iron)

– Two new songs, a Heavy Load-cover and the classic 1994-demo remastered.  

5. WOLF “Devil Seed” (Century Media)

– Not sure about this one yet. Last one was forgotten relatively fast, hope this one grows.



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