ATLANTEAN KODEX: No happy anthems

IMG_4594-BearbeitetIf you haven’t read the interview I did with Manuel Trummer when Atlantean Kodex released the acclaimed debut, “The Golden Bough”, you should visit      for an insight into the early days of the band as well as all the details on the first album. For this new interview, conducted by phone, once again with Manuel, the focus is mainly on the brand new album “The White Goddess”, but I also tried to catch up on some of the questions and some of the themes from the last interview. Continue reading

VOLTURE: Nothing but pure heavy metal

VoltureGroupWith their new album coming out on High Roller Records in mid-September, it was time to hook up with bass player Ryan Waste  for the full story on a band that with “On The Edge” shows a lot of improvement on the EP “Shocking Its Prey”, released through Heavy Artillery back in January 2011. Continue reading

RANGER: Skull splitting metal

Rangerpromo_copyrightAfter three demos, Helsinki’s Ranger is ready for the next step. This autumn, the vinyl only mini-album “Knights Of Darkness” will be released by the Finnish record label, Ektro Records. Judging by their demo-material, this is going to be a totally ripping speed metal-affair with hints of both thrash as well as pure heavy metal. While we’re awaiting this release, Metal Squadron got in contact with three of the four members of the band, Dimi who takes care of vocals as well as bass, drummer Miko and guitarist Jaakko. Continue reading

IRON KINGDOM: Out of obscurity

Iron Kingdom1Seemingly out of nowhere Iron Kingdom from Canada was booked to be one of the opening bands at next year’s edition of Keep It True. I have to admit that I didn’t know the band before I heard of the booking, but as soon as I had checked a few tunes available online, I contacted their singer and guitarist Chris Osterman who was kind enough to send me both the brand new album “Gates Of Eternity” as well as 2011s debut “Curse Of The Voodoo Queen”.   Continue reading

NIGHT DEMON: A three headed beast

coverI’ve seen the name of the band mentioned more than once over the past few months, but as my schedule has been heavy, I’ve not had time to check out the music of NIGHT DEMON until recently. When I first started listening to the trio’s EP, I had a hard time putting it away, as I often have with these new bands’ enthusiastic and intense take on the NWOBHM-sound. Continue reading

ATTACKER: Vital veterans

Attacker 1With “Giants Of Canaan”, New Jersey based veterans ATTACKER has delivered what might be their best album to date. A killer slab of old school metal topped with the awesome vocals of newly recruited singer Bobby Lucas. Metal Squadron hooked up with original drummer Mike Sabatini to get the latest information about a band that recently performed at the Metal Assault festival in Germany. With limited playing time, was it difficult to find the right mix between the old classics and the fresh and exiting material from the new album? How do you feel about the idea to release a brand new album at festival like this? Continue reading