ATTACKER: An improved band



I did an interview with Attacker when they released their excellent album “Giants Of Canaan” early in 2013. When the new one, “Sins Of The World” arrived and proved to be just as good, the need to do a more indepth article  on the band with main songwriter Michael Benetatos felt really strong.  After a couple of weeks with questions and answers bouncing back an forth between us, with Michael doing and oustanding job, this feature has finally come to its conclusion. It’s an indepth article focusing of course, on the period since Michael joined the band back in 2001 with emphasis on the last two albums, both releases being among the very best metal albums released in this millenium. Continue reading

MORTALICUM: Consistent deliverer of doom


With “Eyes Of The Demon”, their fourth full lenght release, Mortalicum from Sundsvall in Sweden confirms their position as one of the more reliable doom/heavy rock outfits out there. We got in contact with bass player Patrick Backlund to get all the lastest on the Swedes who had their last album released on Metal On Metal towards the end of last year. We also managed to get a small update on Patrick’s other band, Quicksand Dream.  Continue reading

NOMAD SON: Passion for Hammond

Nomad Son 2013 photoshoot

I remember I got a bit excited when the news reached me that Metal On Metal Records had signed a new doom metal-band with Forsaken-bassist Albert Bell in their ranks. I was already familiar with Albert’s work in Forsaken of course, and kind of sensed that the result yet again would be some high quality melodic doom metal.

Continue reading

ATTACKER: Vital veterans

Attacker 1With “Giants Of Canaan”, New Jersey based veterans ATTACKER has delivered what might be their best album to date. A killer slab of old school metal topped with the awesome vocals of newly recruited singer Bobby Lucas. Metal Squadron hooked up with original drummer Mike Sabatini to get the latest information about a band that recently performed at the Metal Assault festival in Germany. With limited playing time, was it difficult to find the right mix between the old classics and the fresh and exiting material from the new album? How do you feel about the idea to release a brand new album at festival like this? Continue reading