WAR DANCE: Hellenic heavy metal


While everyone seems to be waiting in anticipation for the new album by Sacral Rage, the debut album from War Dance, in a completely different style of course, is also slowly drawing some attention. “Wrath For The Ages” has been out on the reliable Eat Metal records for a few weeks now, and we got in touch with guitarist and main songwriter Tassos Pananoudakis to get some more information on this act. Continue reading

ATLANTEAN KODEX: No happy anthems

IMG_4594-BearbeitetIf you haven’t read the interview I did with Manuel Trummer when Atlantean Kodex released the acclaimed debut, “The Golden Bough”, you should visit https://metalsquadron.com/2012/11/02/atlantean-kodex-maybe-frazer-was-right/      for an insight into the early days of the band as well as all the details on the first album. For this new interview, conducted by phone, once again with Manuel, the focus is mainly on the brand new album “The White Goddess”, but I also tried to catch up on some of the questions and some of the themes from the last interview. Continue reading