Playlist: Week 19

1. FALCONER “Black Moon Rising” (Metal Blade)Falconer-BlackMoonRising

– Might not be the most popular band around here, but I’ve had a really weak spot for this band since the debut. “Black Moon Rising” might be the best record they’ve released since “Falconer”.

2.  NOBLE BEAST “Noble Beast” (Tridroid)

– What is it with me and the more melodic stuff this time? Extremely catchy, singalong European metal done by an American band, doesn’t sound like my stuff at all. Noble Beast blends Blind Guardian with Running Wild and Iron Saviour. A huge surprise!

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CLOVEN ALTAR: Metal in the Blood

Cloven altar-artwork Stormspell seems to be capturing a lot of the up and coming demo acts these days.  One reason might be that Iordan is good at keeping up with what’s happening in the scene, but I guess it also comes down to the fact that he has earned a reputation for helping smaller bands and projects before some of them have moved on to bigger and better (?) things. Cloven Altar, the brainchild of Dustin Altar, is about to unleash their self titled, three track EP through Stormspell, and as always, we were curious to know as many details as possible. Continue reading