CLOVEN ALTAR: Metal in the Blood

Cloven altar-artwork Stormspell seems to be capturing a lot of the up and coming demo acts these days.  One reason might be that Iordan is good at keeping up with what’s happening in the scene, but I guess it also comes down to the fact that he has earned a reputation for helping smaller bands and projects before some of them have moved on to bigger and better (?) things. Cloven Altar, the brainchild of Dustin Altar, is about to unleash their self titled, three track EP through Stormspell, and as always, we were curious to know as many details as possible. Continue reading

VISIGOTH: A matter of sincerity

VisigothI really enjoyed Visigoth’s “Final Spell”, released on tape a while ago, but the release uncovered one major problem: My cassette deck sucks! Although Iordan of Stormspell has talked about releasing it, “Final Spell” has so far not been made available on CD. Continue reading

METAL GRAVE: Dead metal


Ever since I managed to grab one of the 100 tape copies of “Journey To The Unknown”, released by Felipe of Procession on his Burn Records last summer, I’ve been looking forward to the debut album of the Chilean quartet. The album was meant to be released towards the end of 2012, but after some delays, “Eternal Flame Of Deception” is finally out. We got in touch with bass player Christoper Falk and singer/guitarist Bastian Velásquez to get to know the band a bit better. They answered all the questions, apart from the one regarding the vocals, together. Continue reading