Playlist: Week 19

1. FALCONER “Black Moon Rising” (Metal Blade)Falconer-BlackMoonRising

– Might not be the most popular band around here, but I’ve had a really weak spot for this band since the debut. “Black Moon Rising” might be the best record they’ve released since “Falconer”.

2.  NOBLE BEAST “Noble Beast” (Tridroid)

– What is it with me and the more melodic stuff this time? Extremely catchy, singalong European metal done by an American band, doesn’t sound like my stuff at all. Noble Beast blends Blind Guardian with Running Wild and Iron Saviour. A huge surprise!

3.  STARBLIND “Darkest Horrors” (Stormspell)

– New Swedish traditional metal band with plenty of Maiden-influences. Great guitar work, and a few really stand out songs. Enjoyable!

4. MEDIEVAL STEEL “Dark Castle” (Empire)

– 30 years after the legendary EP, comes the first full length release. Much better than I expected after hearing some new tunes during the gig at KIT last year, but overall not consistent enough.

5. BATTLEROAR “Blood Of Legends” (Cruz Del Sur)

– Still playing this one. The best of the year so far. Review:

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