1. Stone Magnum ”From Time…To Eternity” (RIP)STONE-MAGNUM-From-Time___To-Eternity-cover-art

– Solid songwriting, heavy riffs and a extremely good singer make a great doom metal-album. Great to see the RIP-logo as well. Love those old October 31 and Skullview-releases.

2. Hürlement “Terreur Et Torment” (Emanes Metal)

– Sold out when I wanted to buy it on CD at KIT, forgot about it until it was released on vinyl recently. I have a soft spot for pure HM sung in French!

3. Asgard “Dark Horizons” (Metal Enterprises)

 – One of the better “unknown” German metal-albums of the eighties. Finally managed to find a copy on vinyl at a decent price.

4. Evil Killer “Demo 2013” (Sword & Chains)

 – First Witchtower, now another promising Spanish demo-band. Available for download at bandcamp or even better, on tape via Swords & Chains.

5. Witches Mark “Witching Metal Ritual” (Heaven And Hell)

– I am not too fond of the more modern and extreme elements,  or the different types of vocal, but this is one fresh sounding and energetic album, at least when consumed in portions.

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