MAGISTER TEMPLI: “We want to sound underground”


The statistics really speak for themselves. So far I’ve done something like a hundred interviews for Metal Squadron, and Magister Templi is only the second one conducted with a Norwegian band. Okay, so a real traditional metal scene never existed in this country, apart from a few bands during the eighties, but seeing how our neighbours in Sweden produce one great band after the other, its really a mystery why something decent can’t come out of Norway anymore. Magister Templi has already shown a lot of promise with their first few releases, the EP “Iao Sabao!” and the full length “Lucifer Leviathan Logos”, but their brand new one “Into Duat” is definitely a step up in my opinion.
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DEVIL: Good melodies in a vintage production

devil-photoWell, what has come of this site? It’s all about the darker side of life at the moment. Some weeks ago I announced a pretty extensive Satan-feature is upcoming, and then Stian from a certain quintet of Norwegian doom rockers willingly responded to my questions in an attempt to catch up with the DEVIL after the release of the band’s second album, “Gather The Sinners”. An album that represents an improvement on their already more than decent debut. Enjoy this long interview! Continue reading