Playlist: Week 22

1. DARKEST ERA ”Severance” (Cruz Del Sur)darkest_era_-_severance__large

– Grey and melancholic with more identity than on the first one. Lots of atmosphere and some great melodies too. Interview coming up!

2. THE DAGGER “The Dagger” (Century Media)

– A huge surprise. Very seventies inspired from these (mainly) death metal musicians. Influences ranging from Black Sabbath, via Deep Purple to Judas Priest showing clearly in the material. Interview coming soon.

3. WALPYRGUS “Walpyrgus” (Sword And Chains)

– 3/5 of the Twisted Tower Dire-lineup with two additional musicians and songs that continues where “Make It Dark” left off. Check the interview:

4. DEAD CONGREGATION “Promulgation Of The Fall” (Martyrdoom)

– I am not the biggest death metal-fan, but you can’t really question the quality on offer here. Very dark and doomish with inspired riffs.

5. UNDERGROUND “Demo 2014” (Self released)

– With a band name like that, you are bound to end up on my playlist. Cool Slovenian heavy metal. The first song, “Burn In Fire” is awesome.

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