REALMBUILDER: Building worlds

RB BFC sepia

Ever since Realmbuilder released their first album, “Summon The Stone Throwers” during the spring of 2009, I have considered the band to be something really unique in today’s heavy metal scene. Call them epic metal, call them doom metal, or call them heavy metal, it really doesn’t matter, as long as the duo, consisting of Czar and JH Halberd continues to carve out their own path, far away from most contemporary acts. Continue reading


1. REALMBUILDER “Blue Flame Cavalry” (I Hate)REALMBUILDER-Blue-Flame-Cavalry-CD

– Their best effort so far. Still weird and original, but also a bit easier to get into.

2. STONE DAGGER “Demo” (Self released)

– Epic metal with the singer from Magic Circle. Tape only, 7″ coming up!

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