1. REALMBUILDER “Blue Flame Cavalry” (I Hate)REALMBUILDER-Blue-Flame-Cavalry-CD

– Their best effort so far. Still weird and original, but also a bit easier to get into.

2. STONE DAGGER “Demo” (Self released)

– Epic metal with the singer from Magic Circle. Tape only, 7″ coming up!

3. SATAN’S HOST “Virgin Sails” (Moribund)

– With God on vocals you really can’t go wrong. A bit more diversity would’ve been nice though.

4. CRUSADER “Onwards Into Battle” (Stormspell)

– Wasn’t too impressed at first, but this one has grown on me. More than decent trad. metal. Cool, rough vocals, a bit like King Fowley at times.

5. CRUXITER “Cruxiter” (Self released)

– More melodic and laidback than expected, but killer twin guitar work and some neat tunes.

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