CRYPT SERMON: Territory to be explored


So far, the highlight of 2015 when it comes to epic doom metal, surely belongs to Crypt Sermon. What this Philadelphia-based quintet has achieved on their first full length release, “Out Of The Garden”, is nothing but impressive. Metal Squadron got in conctact with guitarist Steve Jansson to get more information on the band and the new album. Continue reading

PROCESSION: No spelling error

procession-photoPROCESSION is definitely one of the finest new doom metal bands out there. The heavy riffs, the majestic voice of singer Felipe, the beautiful solos, everything about this band is perfect. Especially the way the band sounds on the new album “To Reap Heavens Apart”. Taking nothing away from “Destroyers Of The Faith” which was an excellent album, but this new one is simply amazing. Continue reading