STARBORN: Practice is the key

Starborn - Regular I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed by “Born By The Wind”, the debut demo from Starborn, the Newcastle outfit formed back in 2012. When I heard the preview track, “Triumphant Resolve” from the forthcoming EP “The Dreaming City”, things really changed. I was astonished to hear how much the band had improved. The vocals, the general performance, the songwriting…Pretty much everything was two steps above the demo. Continue reading

WALPYRGUS: Make it darker


There are guys in this business who are some of the nicest people you would ever meet. I remember Keep It True VIII back in 2007 when Twisted Tower Dire peformed. It was my first time at the festival, and one of the people i bumped into was Scott from Twisted Tower Dire. I guess I went up to him and introduced myself as I had just done a phone interview with him for Scream Magazine which I worked for back then. You could really feel that Scott appreciated it, and neither me or my friend left before Scott had given us each a Twisted Tower Dire-shirt . A really nice gesture from a really nice guy. Continue reading