MOROS NYX: From side project to full band

Moros Nyx Promo PicIt’s been a few quiet months here over at Metal Squadron, but let’s get to work again, and why not start with an American newcomer who released their first full length through the excellent German label Underground Power back in April. “Revolution Street” is the title, and it’s well worth spending three quarters of an hour with. I got in touch with founder and bass player Pat Gloeckle to get the full story on the band that debuted with the demo “Rite Of Rebellion” back in 2014. Continue reading

SATAN’S HALLOW: With nothing to prove

Satan's HallowTwo songs might be all we’ve heard so far, but when they’re so damn good as “The Horror” and “Satan’s Hallow” are, the expectations are immediately raised. So far, the two tracks are only available through Bandcamp, but they are soon to be released both on tape and 7” through Sword & Chains and Underground Power respectively.
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