NOBLE BEAST: A genre reborn?

Noble Beast

Even though I haven’t featured many of them here yet, apart from the huge article on Scanner that is, I am a big fan of a lot of fast and melodic stuff from Germany , with bands like Rage, Running Wild, Helloween, Heaven’s Gate, Flanez, first Chroming Rose and Blind Guardian to name a few. However there are years since I heard some new and interesting bands in this genre.

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ASGARD: “Something to show our mums”

Asgard 1Coming out of nowhere, Italy’s ASGARD appeared as one of the largest surprises of the last few years. Their debut album “The Seal Of Madness” struck like a bomb and when I first discovered how extremely good this album was, it took months before it left my stereo. Two years later and the five guys are back with their follow-up, “Outworld”. Continue reading