AIR RAID: Full armed heavy metal

AirRadi-Bandpic_2I have always been quite impressed by Sweden’s Air Raid, a band that arrived seemingly out of nowhere with their cool EP “Danger Ahead” back in the spring of 2012 and followed up with the full length “Night Of The Axe” towards the end of the next year. Both releases were put out by the great Stormspell Records, by the way. Continue reading

STALLION: Rising, mounting and riding


Stallion must be one of the most talked about German newcomers of the last few years. A demo was recorded in 2013, and received praise from most of those who heard it. However, it was their debut-EP, “Mounting The World”, containing a mixture of heavy metal and hard rock, that really turned people’s heads. The self financed vinyl only release proved to be a real success with the first press selling out rapidly before High Roller entered the picture and made sure a second edition was made available. Continue reading

AMBUSH: Born out of frustration


Doing interviews is quite similar to most other things in life, it doesn’t hurt to have some experience. It’s a good thing for the interviewer, and it’s definitely a good thing for the bands. Ambush from Växjo in Sweden clearly doesn’t have a lot of experience doing interviews, resulting in this phone conversation being a little too predictable. Of course, the problem could just as well be my questions being a little too boring and leaving little room for exciting answers.  Continue reading