METAL INQUISITOR: Five different opinions


It’s still early days of course, but it will definitely be a good year for heavy metal if the new album from Germany’s Metal Inquistior doesn’t end up in my personal top ten list in December. “Panopticon” is the band’s best output since the modern day classic “Doomdsday For The Heretic”, packed with excellent songs delivered with real class. While Blumi (guitars) has always been the main songwriter in the band, and the natural guy to speak to, like we did here, the other guitarist T.P. has challenged Blumi as the main songwriter this time around. Continue reading

METAL INQUISITOR: New album, new label

Metal_Inquisitor_BandWelcome to another interview, this time with the mighty Metal Inquisitor, surely one of the best German bands of the last fifteen years. The whole band, apart from drummer Havoc that is, sat down together to give us all the relevant information on their brand new album “Ultima Ratio Regis”, out on Massacre now. Continue reading