SACRED STEEL: 100 percent pure metal

SacredSteel_schwarz02_300dpiGerrit P. Mutz, the singer of SACRED STEEL, is surely one of the nicest guys in the business. I first met him in Dublin, it must have been in 2004, while I was at work for Scream, covering the recording of Primordial’s “The Gathering Wilderness”, while Gerrit then was working for their label Metal Blade. My love for the first three albums were great at the time (it still is), and I remember almost feeling a little starstruck back then. Since then, SACRED STEEL has put out three studioalbums, some a little disappointing, while the new one, “The Bloodshed Summoning” is the best they’ve done for quite a while. This long interview covers the new album of course, along with some news on Geritt’s involement in Battleroar. Continue reading