1. IRONSWORD ”None But The Brave” (Shadow Kingdom)a3106078406_10

– First impression: Very good, but better than their two last masterpieces? I don’t think so.

2. RAVENSIRE “Rehearsal Demo 2015”

– Out of the blue. A raw demo recorded  pretty much live in the studio.  Three strong songs in the vein of the material on “We March Forward”.

3. SIN STARLETT ”Digital Overload/Electric Expander” (Metalworld)

– Impressive single with two great tracks. Really looking forward to the album now.

4. ADRAMELCH “Opus” (Pure Prog)

– Not exactly metal, but haunting stuff with the unique Adramelch-atmosphere. A real shame it’s their last one.

5. NIGHTMARE ”The Will To Overpower” (Lethal Loudness)

– Straight ahead heavy metal with absolutely no major surprises (except a few peculiar song titles). I need that sometimes!

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