1. SOLSTICE “Death’s Crown Is Victory”  (Self released)cover

– EP with two killer long tracks as well as two cool instrumentals. Long enough to convince, short enough to leave you wanting more.

2. RAVENSIRE “We March Forward” (Eat Metal)

– What an improvement on the EP! Raw, epic and heavy. It doesn’t get more metal than this!

3. HELL “Curse And Chapter” (Nuclear Blast)

– Just getting to know this, but it sounds really impressive so far. Those vocals!

4. RULER “Rise To Power” (My Graveyard)

– Great follow up to “Evil Nightmares”. Love how it turns from NWOBHM-worship during the first songs to a more US metal approach towards the end.

5. THE UNHOLY “Demo” (Self released)

– Really promising stuff. Three very enjoyable tracks of US metal sounding, female fronted metal.

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