1. BLACK OATH ”To Below And Beyond” (Doomentia)cover

– Fellow Italians challenge Adramelch for most beautiful album of the year. Magic doom metal!

2. MAGIC CIRCLE “Journey Blind” (20 Buck Spin)

– Different from the debut. Has an early nineties Trouble-vibe. Some killer riffs here!

3. RAM “Svbversvm” (Metal Blade)

– One of the best, pure heavy metal-releases of the year. High quality songs from start to end.

4. STEELWING “Reset, Reboot, Redeem” (NoiseArt)

– Darker and more atmospheric, a huge step forward from the generic last album.

5. MORTALICUM “Eyes Of The Demon” (Metal On Metal)

– Fourth full length release from the hard working Swedes. The last two grew a lot on me over time, this one also needs some time and effort…

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