1. TERMINUS ”The Reaper’s Spiral” (Stormspell)Terminus TRS

– Wait until you hear this one. Old songs are improved, new ones slay! If you don’t enjoy this one, you are simply not into heavy metal!

2. STARBORN ”The Dreaming City” (Stormspell)

– Speed, melodies and power blended very well together. Huge improvement on their demo.

3. ADRAMELCH “Opus” (Pure Prog)

– Adramelch is dead, long live Adramelch. Didn’t know music could be this beautiful!

4. DEATHHAMMER “Evil Power” (Hells Headbangers)

– Didn’t know music could be this ugly!

5. METALIAN “Metal Fire & Ice” (Self released)

– Heard better stuff from them , but some cool songs here too. Shitty CD-R though.

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