Playlist: Week 25

1. DEMON BITCH “Death Is Hanging…” (Dying Victims)artworks-000080250046-2o1d8b-original

– So far only available on tape.Not that far away from the sound of fellow Detroit-outfit Borrowed Time. Unique vocals and a nod to bands like Mercyful Fate and Helstar too. Four really cool songs!

2. STONE DAGGER “The Siege Of Jerusalem” (Electric Assault)

– With the release of this 7″ inch, finally the tape can get some rest. One of the most promising new epic metal bands for a long time. Believe the hype!

3.SPACE EATER “Passing Through The Fire To Moloch” (Pure Steel)

– Intense, yet melodic American sounding speed/thrash metal from Belgrade in Serbia. Stellar riffs and convincing vocals.

4. STEEL PROPHET “Omniscient (Cruz Del Sur)

– One of my absolute fave bands from the release of the “Inner Ascendance”-demo” until around year 2000. This new one isn’t of the same high quality, but a lot better than the silly and awful video track “666 Is Everywhere”.

5. ENFORCE “The Final Sign” (Divebomb)

– Classic US metal. Demo material available on CD for the first time. Essential for fans of Crimson Glory, Queensrÿche and Lethal.

3 thoughts on “Playlist: Week 25

  1. I have to admit I wasn’t sold and passed out on the new Space Eater. I really expected different result and somehow felt it is not really up to Aftershock standards. I’d be glad to be wrong though, the band deserves it – great guys. I wish European promoters will give them a chance, their live shows are total killer!

  2. I really liked Aftershock, and Passing Through the Fire to Molech is even better. It’s brilliant. Album of the year so far.

    • I’m glad to hear you like it so much. I probably miscalculated, but in any case this band deserves better than I can offer, and I haev no regrets to see them go. Not very sure if Pure Steel was the right step forward, but at least they are a local European label and can help them out with touring and local promotion (given they do that, I don’t know…).

      SPACEEATER are embarking on European tour in November with fellow progressive thrashers ALITOR. Check them out if they come close to your neck of the woods, both bands are great, and SPACEEATER are BEASTS live. I’ve seen them 3 times and they have blown me every single time. It is a shame Olli never invited them to one of his festivals.

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