1. BATTLEROAR “Blood Of Legends” (Cruz Del Sur)battleroar-blood_of_legends_import-battleroar-26636900-1656044988-frnt

– With Gerrit singing, this sounds quite different, still very cool. Needs a bit of time.

2. PORTRAIT  ”Crossroads” (Metal Blade)

– Can’t stop spinning this one. So many storng songs and exciting parts. Vocals not as upfront as on the last one.

3. COBRA “To Hell” (Austral Holocaust)

– Hard to get tired of. Extremely solid heavy metal with the typical South American touch.

4. HIGH SPIRITS “You Are Here” (High Roller)

– Funny, catchy and energetic hard rock.

5. DEEP MACHINE “Rise Of The Machine” (High Roller)

– A big disappointment compared to the absolutely terrific EP, but still okay midtempo heavy metal.

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