1. SLOUGH FEG ”Digital Resistance” (Metal Blade)Slough Feg - Digital Resistance - Artwork

– Will this band ever disappoint? Quality as we come to expect it from Mike Scalzi & Co. Simply put – a metal institution!

2. DARK FOREST “The Awakening” (Cruz Del Sur)

– Awesome twin guitars and some really huge choruses. Is it diverse enough to stand the test of time?

3.  AVATARIUM “Avatarium” (Nuclear Blast)

– Yeah, I know, it’s trendy to do seventies stuff with female vocals, but this is just as good as the last few Candlemass-albums. Lots of cool riffs!

 4. BLADE KILLER “Blade Killer” (Stormspell)

– A little too generic maybe, but still four enjoyable heavy metal-tunes

 5. BLAZE “The Rock Dionsaur” (High Roller)

– Even the heavy accent of the vocalist can’t overshadow those awesome guitars.

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