1. The Wizar’d “Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge (BBTAD)THE-WIZARD-Ancient-Tome-of-Arcane-Knowledge

– Killer, absolutely killer. What an album! Original songwriting and awesome guitar work.

2. Age Of Taurus ”Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times” (Rise Above)

– Clicked with me almost immediately. Had to get the demo as well.

3. Sign Of The Jackal “Mark Of The Beast” (High Roller)

– Really good album, even though it features only four new tunes. Interview coming up!

4. Iron Kingdom “Gates Of Eternity” (Self Released)

– Lots of Iron Maiden going on, but also some originality. After all, we’re dealing with a Canadian band.

5. Queensrÿche “Queensrÿche” (Century Media)

– Haven’t heard a whole album since “Promised Land”.  Not there yet, but at least a decent effort with some killer vocals from La Torre.

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