Sinister%20Realm%20-%20World%20Of%20Evil%20(2013)1. Sinister Realm ”World Of Evil” (Shadow Kingdom)

– On par with the first two. The title track and “Bell Strikes Fear” are eternal hymns.

2. Asgard “Outworld” (My Graveyard)

– Right now, I prefer the debut, but this has quality written all over it. Old school songwriting dressed in a modern production.

3. High Spirits “”2013” (High Roller)

– Loved their performance at KIT. Plenty of enthusiasm and lots of energy added compared to the records. When the going gets tough (as Billy Ocean used to say) this is some uplifting stuff.

4. Battle Ram “Long Live The Ram” (My Graveyard)

– Finally out. Rock solid heavy metal with a cool cover version of Fifth Angels eternal “In The Fallout”

5. Virtue “We Stand To Fight” (No Remorse)

– This will have to do until I find the original single. The demo songs are a nice bonus.

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